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NGC4945_supernova.jpgNGC4945593 viewsNGC4945 with the supernova 2011ja (January 01-2012).MartinJan 02, 2012
IC2220_2Mb.jpgIC2220415 viewsIC2220 is also known as The butterfly nebula and the Toby jug nebula.MartinJan 02, 2012
NGC1365crop.jpgNGC1365.430 viewsI did this galaxy with the ED80 to see how much detail i could get with a 80mm scope.
I could get more detail than expected.
MartinOct 21, 2011
M42_570Kb.jpgM42.534 viewsQHY9 mono on ED80 and guided with a finderscope on a G11 with Gemini2
5 Minute LRGB with the core blended in with 30 second LRGB.
MartinOct 21, 2011
NGC55done.jpgNGC55.461 viewsNGC 55 (also known as Caldwell 72) is a barred irregular galaxy located about 7 million light-years away in the constellation Sculptor. Along with its neighbor NGC 300, it is one the closest galaxies to the Local Group, probably lying between us and the Sculptor Group.
NGC 55 and the spiral galaxy NGC 300 have traditionally been identified as members of the Sculptor Group, a nearby group of galaxies in the constellation of the same name.
MartinSep 26, 2011
253redone2Gig.jpgNGC253 Redone438 viewsA repro (last time, i promise).MartinSep 06, 2011
NGC253done2Meg.jpgNGC253479 viewsG11 guiding test on 24-08-2011 with latest August firmware.
10x200Sec RGB and 25x300Sec L on a ED80 and QHY9.
MartinAug 27, 2011
test.jpg10 Minutes guiding test with the G11 Gemini2.566 viewsMartinJul 18, 2011
Lagoon-L.jpgNo flattener947 viewsMartinJul 03, 2011
Group1-L_flattener.jpgwith flattener1051 viewsMartinJul 03, 2011
Lagoon_done2G.jpgLagoon nebula.407 views16X10Minutes Luminance
10X100Seconds RGB
ED80 and QHY9 on a losmandy G11 with Gemini 2
This was just a guiding test after many problems.
Still not perfect but it is getting there.
MartinJun 30, 2011
Eta-done2G.jpgEta Carinae guiding test with a OAG on the g11 and G2 controller.550 viewsLuminance 5 Minutes and RGB 200 Seconds eachMartinApr 18, 2011
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