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Sombrerocropdone.jpgSombrero galaxy1699 viewsThe Sombrero Galaxy (also known as M104 or NGC 4594) is an unbarred spiral galaxy in the constellation Virgo located 28 million light years from Earth. It has a bright nucleus, an unusually large central bulge, and a prominent dust lane in its inclined disk. The dark dust lane and the bulge give this galaxy the appearance of a sombrero. Astronomers initially thought that the halo was small and light, indicative of a spiral galaxy. But Spitzer found that halo around the Sombrero Galaxy is larger and more massive than previously thought, indicative of a giant elliptical galaxy. [5] The galaxy has an apparent magnitude of +9.0, making it easily visible with amateur telescopes. The large bulge, the central supermassive black hole, and the dust lane all attract the attention of professional astronomers.MartinMay 11, 2012
NGC4945.jpgNGC4945.1215 viewsNGC4945 with the Supernova.MartinApr 11, 2012
LEO.jpgThe Leo trio.1016 viewsThis is a composition of 15X600 Seconds Luminance and 10X300 Seconds RGB each.MartinApr 11, 2012
CentAfinal2G.jpgCentaurus A1212 views10 X 5 Min RGB and 15 X 10 Min Luminance.
MartinFeb 04, 2012
Eta_blue1Mb.jpgEta Carinae650 views7X5 minute RGB and 7X10 minute LuminanceMartinJan 05, 2012
Eta_2Mb.jpgEta Carinae.795 viewsFocused on the dimmest star without a Bahtinov mask worked better than with a mask.MartinJan 02, 2012
NGC4945_supernova.jpgNGC4945705 viewsNGC4945 with the supernova 2011ja (January 01-2012).MartinJan 02, 2012
IC2220_2Mb.jpgIC2220517 viewsIC2220 is also known as The butterfly nebula and the Toby jug nebula.MartinJan 02, 2012
Lester.jpgMore data.360 viewsMartinDec 26, 2011
NGC1365crop.jpgNGC1365.536 viewsI did this galaxy with the ED80 to see how much detail i could get with a 80mm scope.
I could get more detail than expected.
MartinOct 21, 2011
M42_570Kb.jpgM42.673 viewsQHY9 mono on ED80 and guided with a finderscope on a G11 with Gemini2
5 Minute LRGB with the core blended in with 30 second LRGB.
MartinOct 21, 2011
NGC55done.jpgNGC55.564 viewsNGC 55 (also known as Caldwell 72) is a barred irregular galaxy located about 7 million light-years away in the constellation Sculptor. Along with its neighbor NGC 300, it is one the closest galaxies to the Local Group, probably lying between us and the Sculptor Group.
NGC 55 and the spiral galaxy NGC 300 have traditionally been identified as members of the Sculptor Group, a nearby group of galaxies in the constellation of the same name.
MartinSep 26, 2011
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